Training for My First Professional Pole Showcase – November 2016

I spent most of October and November training preparing for my first professional pole performance. I did a flexibility workshop at Paradisaea with Deflying Fitness. It was 4 hours of stretching and contortion, or better named contorture. I trained hard at both Paradisaea and SASS, working on my stamina, endurance and of course strength.

I pole kittened and VerticaLove’s Great White North Pole Competition. While I was there, me and one of my instructors got to take the stage during intermission and dance with our Aura heels on. A 360 video captured our impromptu freestyle on stage. I got a chance to feel what it was like dancing on stage with an audience and it was so much fun!

Investing More Into Pole – Winter 2016


I was given 2 mountable speakers for a ceiling. Obviously, I thought it would be perfect in the pole room. My husband got me an amp and Bluetooth receiver and installed it all for me. Perfect surround sound speakers around the pole!

For Christmas my husband order me a pair of Aura heels. I didn’t receive them until February but they were definitely worth the wait. They are my favorite, and most expensive, pair of shoes I own.

My dresser drawers seem to be filling up with pole clothes and accessories. Whenever I see a cute pair of booty shirts or leg warmers, I just can’t resist.


The last thing I waqnted to add to my pole room was a disco light. We found one at Spencer’s and it completed my room.