Investing More Into Pole – Winter 2016


I was given 2 mountable speakers for a ceiling. Obviously, I thought it would be perfect in the pole room. My husband got me an amp and Bluetooth receiver and installed it all for me. Perfect surround sound speakers around the pole!

For Christmas my husband order me a pair of Aura heels. I didn’t receive them until February but they were definitely worth the wait. They are my favorite, and most expensive, pair of shoes I own.

My dresser drawers seem to be filling up with pole clothes and accessories. Whenever I see a cute pair of booty shirts or leg warmers, I just can’t resist.


The last thing I waqnted to add to my pole room was a disco light. We found one at Spencer’s and it completed my room.


My First Pole – Spring 2013

Before I had kids, a girlfriend and I talked about taking some sort of dance class. I had seen some pole videos online and thought it looked amazingly beautiful. My friend suggested belly dancing but that it didn’t appeal to me much. I found a pole studio within the area with drop in classes but we never ended up going.


After I had kids, I decided I needed to do something active in order to feel good about myself again. I also needed to find myself, as a woman, rather than mother. So I took a giant leap and bought a pole.

My first pole was from Spencer’s and not expensive one as I was unsure whether it was something I would like and stick to. My husband set it up in our bedroom and I was so excited. However, reality quickly sank in that I had no idea what I was doing. I tried to watch videos online but I felt silly trying it myself.

I was at a firefighter charity event with some friends and the girls from the studio I found years ago were doing pole demonstrations. I was in complete awe of what the girls could do and it made me determined to try. I was inspired and wanted to be strong and confident like them.

I found it interesting how my friends reacted that evening when I told them I bought a pole. I was asked if it was because my husband wanted me to do it. I explained it was something I have been interested in doing for a long time, for myself, and he is just being supportive. That was my first of many judgements I have gotten throughout my pole journey.