Dragonfly – Valentines 2020

I was asked to come back to be a feature at Dragonfly night club for their Valentines night. They thought I did a great job when I performed there in December and wanted to have me back more regularly.

This time around was not as stressful. The setup went smoothly and again all the staff was super friendly and helpful. The performance was the same as the first one, my first performance started at 11:00 and I did sets of 15 minutes until 1:00. Again, I had my own security at the pole and was given all the free drinks I wanted.

I weighed the lowest I have since I had my kids and felt the strongest I have ever been. The bruises on my feet after performing were my badges of honour. My dreams were coming true, being booked regularly for performances. All the hard work was starting to pay off. I was feeling on top of the world. I had no idea what was about to come and that would be my last performance for a long time.

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