Getting Certified During Lockdown #3 – Spring/Summer 2021

This lockdown was easier as the weather was better. Over these lockdowns, gardening has become a way to de stress. Planting, nurturing and watching my gardens grow really helps me find my inner peace. I would get lost in weeding for hours. When I needed a break, I would jump on my pole in the backyard and play.

I also choose top be more productive during this lockdown. As soon as a had gotten laid off from my job, I signed ups for Canfit Pro’s Fitness Instructor Specialist Course. The course was 30 hours divided over 2 weekends over Zoom. A few weeks after the course, I had a Theory Exam that I had get over 80% to pass. I studied so hard for this exam, there was so much memoriziation of anatomy. I passed with 87%! The final component/hurdle to complete was my practical exam. I had to teach an hour fitness class with 3 participants on zoom with my instructor on zoom as well grading me. I had to have a warm up, strength, cardio and cool down/stretch components all choreographed to music. I had the whole program written out with the timings on white boards to keep myself on track during the workout. I had 2 friends and Shanyn, owner of SASS, be my participants. It was actually a lot of fun having my instructor be one of my students and it definitely made me want to impress her. I practiced the program lot and felt pretty well prepared, which paid off as a I got 86% and become a certified Fitness Instructor Specialist!!

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