Semi Lockdown/Winter Blues – Start of 2022

Gyms and restaurants were shut down until the end of January. Just when I was getting back into the groove of things again, another shutdown. I suffer from seasonal depression so the combination of cold, snow and lockdown, this year has started off rough.

On my days off, just getting up and showered has been win. My motivation for training has been lost. Being at the studios and training is my happy place so when they are closed, I really feel a void physically and mentally.

I had to take a break from social media because of all the negativity and political divide. I had some negative comments made on my pole videos, I don’t understand why people want to bring others down. If you don’t like or agree with something, just simply move on. Don’t people realize how the comments they make impacts the mental health of a person?

I know this will pass. The lockdown will end and in a few months the weather will be better. I am so mentally drained from Covid, these last 2 years have been hard as fuck. I hope we are at the end of this and soon life can return to normal.

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