2nd Annual SASS Wing-Ding Shindig! January 2019

This year’s Wing-Ding theme was 80’s.  That was a struggle for me, as I’m not huge fan of the 80’s.  But between stuff I already had and purchasing a few items, I pulled off a pretty good 80’s outfit.  This year, there was a massive snow storm, making the party a little more low key than last year.  Again, we rented a party bus with a pole.  We hit up a winery, a restaurant and partied on the bus until going back to the studio.   At the studio is was pretty chill, with one of the girls singing for us as we gathered around a pseudo campfire.  I went to sleep early, having my Jeep I didn’t worry, but others had to dig their vehicles out front the mountains of the snow that fell as we were out.

The reason why I look forward to this event, is its an night where I get to hang out with my pole family.  We all understand each other in ways non-polers (muggles) don’t. Because we are all so busy, its not often that we get a chance to get together.  So its awesome that owner of SASS, Shanyn, organizes this event for the studio.

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