Army of Sass – March 2020

Army of Sass is a separate dance company, but they were using the SASS studio to practice, so they invited the SASS pole girls to perform in their March show again, like we did in December. We all had lots of fun the first time and we were all super excited to be part of the show again. We had a better idea of the stage and space so we were able to plan the routine better. This time, I was going to be featured on the pole, instead of the chair that I did in the first show. I had to miss a few practices due to work, but worked hard to practice when I was at the studio. We were well prepared and the routine was going to be awesome.

The week of the show, the world turned upside down. There Coronavirus was spreading around the word, entire countries were going into lock downs. It was a scary and uncertain time. Here in Ontario, capacity limits were put on indoor venues. We made a group decision not to perform in the show to keep us all safe. It was a hard decision and we were all sad that we never got to perform the routine we all worked so hard on.

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