When The World Shut Down – Spring 2020

March 2020 so surreal. Canada got put into lockdown. I was laid off my my job, kids were home schooling, all stores but essentials were closed, so was bars, restaurants and gyms. We were isolated in the house, every day, all day. It was a weird and unstable time. I tried to kept myself busy with cleaning, reorganizing and projects around the house. Shanyn from SASS ran online fitness and pole classes through Zoom. The classes gave me something to look forward to and helped me keep motivated during these difficult times.

How I survived lockdown

Unfortunately, SASS got evicted at the end of May. It was heartbreaking that the studio that was like a second home to me had to close its doors. The landlord was unwilling to help a small business out try to survive the lockdown.

Niagara Falls without any tourists during lockdown
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