Covid Summer 2020

I went back to work just before the lockdown restrictions started to lift. SASS was closed, so when things started to open up, there was no studio to go back to. Paradisaea offered classes outside, but I didn’t take any classes. I developed a passion for gardening as became a way to unwind after work.

Covid had brought out the worst in people it has seemed. I lost a best friend and a whole group of mom friends after I confronted them about why none of them ever came out to support me at my performances. We were friends for 10 years, our kids grew up together. I always made an effort for them, but they never did for me. I think there was a lot of jealousy happening, they would never admit it, but it was becoming quite obvious that I not longer fit in the group.

I made the very difficult decision to end the toxic one-sided friendships. I cried for days. It took me months to even put on a pair of heels again. I had came to realize that my true friends are my pole/aerial friends. They understand me and will always be there for me, we share similar vibes and empower each other. They are my tribe. So I shed my mom group for pole dancers.

I did try to do a few fun things during what was a very strange summer. Paradisaea held a virtual showcase and I submitted a freestyle piece that I did in my backyard. Shanyn from SASS and I did a pole demo at the Love Shop in St.Catharines. Neither were performing on stages in front of a large audience, but it was better than nothing.

A few girls from the studio became reps for the company Monat. I took part in making a promotional video with them with the girls. It was a fun video to make with a group of strong women.

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