Dropped it like its Hot – May 2019

2019 IS my year. Wow. I was hired to dance on stage at a Snoop Dogg concert!!

Lets rewind a bit and start with how this happened. I follow an exotic dancer, Onyx, on social media who has been an inspiration to me. I seen her perform at a few Verticalove shows and she blew me away with her strength. She had posted on Facebook that she was looking for dancers for a few upcoming Snoop Dogg concerts in Ontario. I sent her a message that I was interested in the Sudbury concert. I figured, what’s the worst that can happen, I don’t hear back or get a no. But you never know unless you try, right?

I had forgotten about it as a few days had passed. She replied back 3 days later, asking for my Instagram, so I gave her my handle. Again, a few days had passed and then I got added to the Snoop Dogg Dancers group chat. I got really excited. I called my husband and asked him if he could fly me to Sudbury next week. I explained why, he said make it happen, and he will make sure the plane he just bought is ready to fly. The next day, I was officially confirmed for the Sudbury concert!!

I called my mom and we made arrangements for me and the kids to stay with her in Sudbury for the weekend. During the week, I spent a lot of time figuring out what 3 outfits I was going to wear. I walked around my house in my heels and practiced freestyling to Snoop songs to prepare. Of course I got my nails done and spent some time tanning as well.

The day of, my husband just got the proper documents needed just in time to be able to fly. It was super cool flying in our own private plane to go dance for Snoop Dogg.

My husband went back home as he had to work so he would come back to get us on the Monday. Once we got to my mom’s, we took the kids to the park since I had time before the concert. Of course I found a pole to play on!

I met the other 3 girls at a hotel and we all went to venue together. We had our own designated parking spot in the restricted parking lot. We met the tour manager and he brought us into the arena and showed us our dressing room. This is when everything hit me, this was really happening.

Since the 4 of us were novice to this type of event, we had a few drinks while getting ready to help with our nerves.

We were given backstage passes so we could go anywhere we wanted. There was a table full of food and drinks. We met Snoops 2 regular back up dancers that we shared the room with.

My lingerie outfit was a costume I originally bought for a showcase that I didn’t end going to. I thought it was perfect for this. I felt so sexy in it!

While waiting backstage, watching Snoop onstage and looking out at the crowd, my nerves were in overdrive but so was my adrenaline.

I was onstage for 3 songs: I Wanna Fucc You, Gin and Juice and Drop It Like It’s Hot. The songs went by so fast and then we had a little dark spot to change outfits. The other 2 outfits was a wife beater and booty shorts and a bathing suit. I really struggled changing into my bikini, as it had a lot of straps. Lesson learnt there, make sure costumes are simple to change into.

After the last song, we went back to the dressing room to get changed. I was kinda sad I missed the last song Young Wild N’ Free, as it’s one of my favourites. That is when we we got our $200 US each for performing.

Then….I met Snoop!! We entered Snoop’s smoke filled dressing room, and again, I thought to myself, is this real life? Well it certainly was! He asked us where we all of us are from and we each got photos with him. He was extremely chill and very nice.

As we exited his dressing room, the guy that plays Snoops mascot Nasty Dogg onstage had a massive bag on weed with him. He gave each of us a take home “Doggy” bag of Snoop’s own personal weed.

I had some drinks and food with some of the girls and then went back to my moms. I could barely sleep that night, as I kept replaying the nights events in my head trying to process everything.

While me and the kids were in Sudbury, we visited with my brother and his family. We also went to the Big Nickel and had some fun exploring the area.

The reason why this whole crazy experience happened is because I seized the opportunity when it was available. My photos and videos on my social media that I’ve been building is what got me selected. You are in control of your own destiny. Nobody is going to come knocking at your door handing you opportunities when you are sitting on the couch. It’s up to you to live your best life. Stop waiting and start living!

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