Getting Back into the Swing of Things – Fall 2021

Because of covid, I ended up having to take a year and a half off from silks classes at Paradisaea. It was so hard on me during the long break as I was going to class weekly for 4 years. I missed training and missed my silk friends so much. My first class I was nervous as I was unsure what I would remember and if I lost any strength. It was a little bit of a struggle that first class and I did notice a loss of some of my strength. And I hurt and could barely move for 4 solid days after that first class. But each week I noticed my strength improving and coming back and my muscles hurt less the days after class.

It has felt so good to be back training and reunited with all my aerial friends. It is a little bit different training with a mask on and not being able to see everyone’s smiling faces. But it is a different world right now and it is important to keep each other safe.

It is such a positive and fun environment as we all support and encourage each other. That’s not something felt in a gym and is why I love aerial studios so much.

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