The Student Becomes The Teacher – Summer/Fall 2021

Once the lockdown restrictions lifted mid summer, I started teaching pole classes at Paradisaea. Having this opportunity to teach at the studio was a big achievement for me as its been a goal that I have been working so hard towards. Having classes that I had to prepare for really helped me get back into pole training after lockdown as well. I was fresh off my Canfit Fitness Instructor course, so I could use what I learned about class programming to create my classes.

I have such a passion for pole that I love that I now have the ability to share that passion with other woman. It makes all my blood, sweat and tears throughout my own journey worth it when I can now inspire other woman on their own personal journey. I can be having the worst day, but when I get to the studio and start teaching, all the negatively melts away and I leave feeling happy that I have made a positive impact on someone else through my class.

In the fall, I started teaching Chair Burlesque at SASS. I have divided my 6 week sessions into 2 – 3 week choreography sessions to a song. It has been a really fun class to teach and I really enjoy preparing the routines for this class as they are a little more sexier.

My 2 year anniversary of my pole Instructor certification was up, meaning I had to re certify for the second time since I took then initial course 4 years ago now. I had to take a written exam and then submit a video of me teaching 2 pole movements, which I passed both components and received my recertification.

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