On the Big Screen – Fall 2020

I had received a text from a neighbour, who is an actor, if I would be interested in playing a small role in a movie he was currently shooting. The role was for a stripper, but all I had do was dress sexy and dance a little. Of course I agreed! I was asked to submit a few wardrobe options and the director narrowed it it down to 2 for me to bring.

The shoot was in Thornhill, just outside Toronto. I was a little nervous about Covid, as the numbers were high in the GTA. And I was a lot nervous but very excited about being in a movie!

When I arrived to the set, I got my make up done. Then the director got me to try on the 2 outfits that he asked me to bring. There was a lot of positive self talk in my head while I was in the bathroom, about to walk out in a small bikini and heels in front of a cast and crew of people. One of the actresses from the scene that was shot before mine, she told me I looked fantastic, that helped a lot! The director choose my turquoise bikini, which is my personal favourite as I wore it for the Snoop Dogg concert.

In my scene, the main character of the film was having a flashback that he was in a club. I was to walk over to him and give him a lap dance. We did a few takes trying the scene out a few different ways and different camera angles and lighting. The director seemed happy with what he got and wrapped the scene

I was there for a total of 1.5 hours and received a pretty good pay check! The money was just the bonus though, the whole experience was amazing enough as it was. The cast and crew were all so friendly and helpful. My neighbour told me after the shoot and that the director was vey happy with me, so I was thrilled.

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